Volunteer Duties
Greeter - The Greeter is the point of contact for the visiting family. The greeter meets the family at the Community Center on arrival, escorts them to their condo and gets them situated, orients the family and familiarizes them with the location of the selected amenities and local attractions, and answers any other questions about the visit. The greeter remains available by phone to provide assistance or answer questions during the visit. Detailed guidelines are provided.
Monthly Coordinator - The Coordinator identifies volunteer requirements for each family visit during their month, collects the volunteer's email responses, and assigns the duties. The coordinator then works with the volunteer teams, making sure each knows what needs to be done and that they have all the support and materials they need to make every visit a success. The coordinator is usually a volunteer who has served previously as a greeter or photographer. Prospective coordinators often work as an observer with an experienced coordinator prior to going "solo".
Meal Preparation - Calling all cooks out there! Volunteer to prepare either a breakfast or a dinner for a visiting military family. Guidelines and menu suggestions are provided.

Photographer - One of our guestís favorite parts of their visit is the family photo shoot. Our volunteer photographers coordinate a time and place to meet with the family, usually at the beach or the marina, and make several portraits of the family as a record of their trip. If you are interested but feel you donít yet have the experience, we can pair you up with one of several excellent volunteers to learn how to do a portrait shoot.

Boat Tour -Take a family for a tour of the Southport waterfront in your boat.
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