To Operation at Ease -

Thank you so much for this wonderful weekend. Words cannot express how wonderfully perfect you all have been. Just when my family and I needed to get away, St James and OAE came to the rescue. All the Way! Airborne!

Words cannot express the gratitude we have for you all, and for all the unbelievable things you have done for our family. We seriously felt like we were in a dream and we felt like royalty. My daughter is now 5 years old and remembers everything and will forever remember the gorgeous condo, pool, beach, aquarium, beautiful weather, gorgeous tours and, most importantly, some of the world's living angels that were so kind and caring to us…. I don't think you know how much our family needed this. You brought more happiness back in our lives and helped us re-charge.

You are all a blessing and we wish we could hug everyone involved!

The Arguello Family
We cannot put into words how much this weekend has meant to our family. Jeremy has been home a total of seventeen days in past sixteen months. He came home a week ago so this was the perfect opportunity for our family to relax and reconnect. We are so grateful for this opportunity to spend a weekend away at such a beautiful place. Thank you to all the volunteers and (OAE) that made this amazing weekend possible. You honestly will never understand how much your generosity has touched our family. Thank you!

The Durstine Family
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