We are in awe at the love and support from Operation at Ease. This place is beautiful. Everyone we came in contact with, from the restaurants to the Aquarium made us feel so honored and humbled. This is an awesome program and well needed. Our family was able to enjoy each other as well as relax. Two thumbs up! Thanks so much for everything. One of our best experiences ever.

The Boyer Family
We want to thank everyone at OAE for everything this weekend. The homemade food to the toys and everything in between! My kids have been on cloud nine all weekend! The food was amazing, the restaurants were staffed with some of the sweetest people we have met, and their gratitude and love toward service members was so sweet. This vacation has brought us closer as a family and reminded us to slow down and appreciate our time together. Our memories from this trip will last forever, and our gratitude for OAE will also. Thank you so much for everything!

The Dagley Family
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